Available Power

The Raptor has been designed and built to be “best in class” and road legal for registration. Roads, unlike shopping centres and airports, follow the contours of the land, and with this in mind the Raptor utilises two independent rear in-wheel electric motors, each with 2kw capacity.

At full speed the electric motors are working at only a little over 30% of their capacity. This both increases their operational working life and efficiency, it also provides reserve power to climb steep hills with a heavy payload of up to 100 kg, or towing the optional trailer with its contents.

Available Speed

The vehicle has a maximum speed of 25 mph/40 kph. This can be limited as a customer requirement at time of order, or later via our dealer network, as a simple program change. Even programmed at full speed the hand operated twist grip throttle is both intuitive and easy to use. Within moments of getting on a Raptor it is easy to master and control at very slow speeds such as 1 mph, and increasing gradually and with full control up to maximum speed. With a single battery in use, the maximum speed is preset at the factory to 12 mph/20 kph.


Recognising that this is a patrol vehicle the power delivery system has been calibrated to operate in both low speed pedestrian situations, as well as higher speed road traffic situations. Acceleration up to top speed can be achieved in approximately 6 seconds. To preserve battery life and range, moderate and steady acceleration is recommended.


The Raptor has exceptionally good handling both on the public road ways and on pedestrian pathways. This is due to the ultra low centre of gravity afforded by the unique design. With such a stable ride this makes the Raptor the perfect choice for any application where rapid personal transport and endurance is required over moderate distances .


The Raptor uses the latest lithium ion battery cell technology combined with a sophisticated electronic battery management system.

Not all applications require the same performance in terms of range and speed, and for this reason, if only low range and moderate speed is the normal operating mode, the Raptor can operate on a single battery pack. The standard Raptor has 1 battery pack, which covers most applications.

For higher power usage duty cycles, the standard Raptor can also have a 2 or 3 battery pack configuration, with each battery pack providing up to 30 km additional range, or a total of approximately 90 km range [subject to duty cycle and operator driving styles] with all three battery packs in place.

As many “hot-swap” spare battery packs can be added to give additional performance and operating range, which means no down time, and charge-depleted batteries can be recharged back at base while the vehicle is still in use.

In addition to outright purchase, EVC is able to provide attractive finance and leasing options. In multi-vehicle situations such as commercial applications, golf and sports clubs, theme and amusement parks, very profitable income returns can be achieved, which also cover acquisition, operation and maintenance costs. Please ask us to give you an example – you will be amazed at how profitable it can be!

Canberra region Electrical Contractor with a focus on Electric Vehicles and renewable technology 


We are proud to introduce the Ecospin Raptor, an all-electric powered

stand-on vehicle revolutionising urban personal/personnel mobility.

Examples Of Where The Ecospin Raptor Has Been Used:

  • Security Site Patrolling,
  • High Visibility Police Patrolling,
  • Events Management Support,
  • Shopping Mall/Hotel Management/Security,
  • Ambulance/Paramedic Deployment,
  • Defence Industry Deployment,
  • Perimeter Inspection/Patrolling,
  • Postal/Parcel Delivery,
  • Large Manufacturer Site Personnel Conveyance,
  • Airport Personnel Conveyance,
  • Wheelchair Conveyance/Retrieval,
  • Parking Patrol/Enforcement,
  • Car Park Security Patrol,
  • Zoo Keepers, Park Keepers,
  • Garden Keepers/Management,
  • Marina Customer Support/Conveyancing,
  • Theme Park Management/Personnel Conveyance