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Introducing The Tilt-Carrier – For Use With Our FourStar Golf Cruiser & Raptor

Electric Vehicles

A tilting aluminium all-purpose carrying rack that allows you to carry your golf

cruiser, wheelchair, electric scooter or all-terrain vehicle. This Tilt-Carrier will

work with a van, car, truck, RV or SUV and requires a 50mm square

(Hayman Reese type) tow bar hitch receiver.

Features Of The Tilt-Carrier:

  • Faster, safer & easier to unload & load than trailers.
  • No Registration required!
  • No Bulky trailers to tow or store.
  • Hang it on the wall in the garage.
  • No flat tyres to worry about.
  • No damage to your chair, scooter or golf cruiser due to “Trailer Bounce”.
  • Locking Hitch Pin Padlock to prevent theft of the Rack from the back of the car.
  • Wheel Away Roller system easily allows 1 person to wheel wherever it needs to go when

    it is not on the car.

  • Solid deck surface will protect your golf cruiser, chair or scooter from the elements.
  • No disassembly of golf cruiser, chair or scooter needed.
  • Fits vehicles with a 50mm square hitch receiver.
  • Extension Deck Ramp pulls out from under the carrier, & stows under in seconds.
  • Aluminum construction will never rust in the outdoor elements.
  • Tilts up vertically when not in use.
  • Deck extends and tilts for easy side loading.
  • No ramps necessary for Utility/SUV loading.
  • Left side mounting for Australian and New Zealand.
  • Registration plate and tail light compliance kits will be available where necessary.
  • Can be used as a general cargo carrier instead of a trailer.

Tilt-Carrier Specs:

Description Specification
Part No. 230LH
Product Dimensions 1310 x 885 x 160
Weight 40kg
Packed Dimensions 1450 x 980 x 180
Weight 47kg
Carrying Capacity 230kg